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Drain Cleaning Service for your Santa Barbara Home or Business.

With common clogged drainage issues, using a water plunger usually is enough to handle the blockage. However this is not always the case, and if you are increasingly having clogging issues, there may an unseen problem. Beyond the reach of a homeowner may be a growing problem that only a professional plumber can manage.
There are many causes for a clogged water drain. It can be a build-up of kitchen grease or food waste. In bathrooms it can be a collection of hair down in the shower drain. Sometimes an object such as a piece of jewelry or a child’s toy can be accidentally flushed down a toilet. Sometimes the roots of trees or plants work their way into the sewer line slowing down the flow of water and creating the backup. When normal plunging doesn’t fix the drain, or if your drain frequently clogs up, it is time to call Santa Barbara Plumber.

Pipeline Video Inspection System

Taking the guesswork out of plumbing, we use the aid of a video pipeline inspection system. While watching on a video monitor, flexible tubing with a camera and light on the end is lowered into the plumbing system of your home. This allows us to view the piping from the inside where we may observe the obstruction slowing your water flow down. If there are roots growing into your ruptured pipe system, we will see it on the monitor. Once we have identified the problem and its exact location, we can proceed with making repairs to fix the water line. The advantage of knowing the exact location is only having to dig in the area we need with no unneeded disturbance to your property. Afterward, we can use the video system to see our handiwork.

When your kitchen sink has clogged up, or your bathtub is draining slowly and the job is too much for the plunger, call on the drain cleaning experts from Stewarts De-Rooting Santa Barbara Best Plumber.

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